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Free Curricular Materials created by The Book Links
and ready for you to use with kids!

All activities designed by The Book Links are linked below.  They are:

  • student-facing

  • colorful, fun and engaging

  • accessible at the click of a button

  • standards-aligned (CCLS, Next Gen, TEKS) for Grades K-3

  • made with teacher evaluation criteria in mind (HOT questions, tiered vocabulary,
    opportunities for assessment)

  • always FREE to download and use with students


Everything you see here is ready to click on and access immediately! 

*Some links may take you directly to the authors' websites where the content is also accessible*

"Classroom Companion" slide decks for Educators 

My Town Mi Pueblo cover image.jpg

Click on the notebook image above to link to a copy of the Google slide deck (Google account necessary) or click on the PDF image to the left to download the deck to your computer.

Need the book? Click here!

Materials created for Nicholas Solis' picture book My Town Mi Pueblo - including a Classroom Companion slide deck and supplemental activities and assessments. The deck is aligned to Common Core Learning Standards, New York English Language Arts Next Generation Standards and Texas TEKS standards.  It is designed with a read aloud in mind and ready to present to students. 

Just about everything on the Resource Guides are clickable!

Full Resource Guides - Click to access the
Classroom Companion and all additional activities!


The Last Hawaiian Princess - One Page Resource Guide - Digital version.png
Abuelito One Page Resource Poster (1).jpg
A Friend Like No Otter One Page Resource Poster.jpg
Carpet one pager.jpg
Digital version.jpg

Unplugged Coding Activity Worksheets

These coding activities are designed for an unplugged Computer Science unit, "The Hour of Code" or as a supplement to a read aloud.  The worksheets here will have students using the Computational Thinking concepts and approaches and can even have kindergarteners writing algorithms!

No Computer Science experience needed!

Unplugged algorithm activity - Finley.jpg
Dear Mr. Dickens sheet for site.jpg
Unplugged algorithm activity - A Friend Like No Otter.jpg

Click on the images to link directly to the worksheets!

Don't have the books? Click on the book titles to link to a purchase site!

Worksheets to Accompany Picture Book Read Alouds

(some books have full Resource Guides above!)

*Just click on the images to link to a printable version!*


Abuelito Feelings.jpg

365: How to Count a Year
(Click to access all worksheets)

365 How to Count a Year - One Pager (1).jpg


Venn Diagram Image.png

The Yellow Áo Dài

The Yellow Áo Dài - Conflict and Resolution.jpg

Learn about
Mid-Autumn Festival
(Sept. 29, 2023)!

Untitled design (1).png

Tiered Vocabulary Activities

The vocabulary resources created by The Book Links have been designed after the strategic selection of mostly

Tier 2 and Tier 3 vocabulary words. 

Vocab Cards.jpg
The Yellow Áo Dài Vocabulary Cards.jpg
The Yellow Áo Dài Vocab Quiz.pdf.jpg

Link over to Author sites for more materials!

Visit Nelly Buchet's website for materials for these two titles and more of her books! 

Cover page.jpg

Hanh Bui's website includes a direct link to the Classroom Companion and all materials created for The Yellow Áo Dài. Visit her site today!

Yellow Ao Dai Book Cover.jpg

Go to Dezh Azaad's website and find a direct link to the Classroom Companion slide deck for The Carpet (with all activity links embedded in the slides)!

Head over to Nicholas Solis' website and find additional resources for My Town Mi Pueblo created by The Book Links!

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