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"Book" Themed Cookies from Our Business Partner -
The Rare Treats Baking Company

Are you an author, editor, or publisher based in New York State?  Planning a launch party or other book celebration?  Hire our Partner, The Rare Treats Baking Company, to bake and design cookies to match your book's theme!  

*Please Note: You must have the permission to use the book images in order for Rare Treats Baking to print them on the cookies*

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Stephanie Fitzpatrick of The Book Links is also the owner and baker at The Rare Treats Baking Company.  Inspired by her son, Logan, and the food restrictions needed as a result of his rare disease - Eosiniphilic Esophagitis - the sugar cookies from The Rare Treats Baking Company are always nut-free and dairy-free and can be made gluten-free or egg-free if needed.  Photos of the ingredients can be shared upon request. All cookies are baked in a registered home kitchen in New York State and cannot be sold or shipped out of New York.  For more information, complete the Rare Treats inquiry form below, visit the Rare Treats website, or email Stephanie at  

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